Who We Are

Integra Water Services is a locally owned and operated business based in the hub of Tatura’s water businesses.

Liz Johnston is the founder and operator of the business which has been operating now for over 9 years. Having worked in the Water industry since 2000, Liz decided to branch out into her own business in 2005 to provide water brokering and water advice for customers who wanted a greater depth of knowledge and understanding of their water assets so they could make well informed decisions.

Integra has continued to grow over the years, our first clients – both large and small operators – are still our clients today. Customers value the time we take to discuss their water needs and requirements and to personalize the transactions specific to their needs. Our existing customers are our greatest source of new business – referring clients to us.

A great team of staff, good systems, passion and extensive knowledge of the industry has all contributed to Integra being a major player in the Water Broking industry today.






Liz has 18 years’ experience in the water broking industry and is specialized in trading in the Victorian Water Markets. After five years of working as an employee in the industry, Liz recognized that a major change in the way water was managed was about to occur when water was unbundled from being attached to land. Having always had a passion for sales and being innovative with her approach to business, Liz stepped out and open Integra Water Services in December, 2005.

The aim of Integra from day one and still is the same today - to better educate customers so they make the best possible decision about how to manage their water both for their immediate needs and future requirements.

Liz has a comprehensive understanding of the water sources, how the systems are managed, the different water types and the allocation policies of these entitlements. Over 18 years of trading, Liz has worked with her customers through vast and complex rules changes, severe drought, the GFC and introduction of carryover rules.


Liz has been able to navigate customers through these periods and to articulate and formulate adaptable water plans for her customers that are both sustainable and financially rewarding.

With this business model, Integra has built a strong business from small local families to large irrigators, corporate, government and companies listed on the ASX. Integra has established long term relationships with customers including  water corporations and local councils. Liz also has some large private investors that have been customers with her since 2000.

Liz actively participates in broadening her professional development knowledge and skills. Liz is a member of the Australian Water Brokers Association, has been a member of the Victorian Government Industry Development Committee for Fresh Tomatoes (Chair for 5 Years and Nominated Windup Person in 2016/17); Member of Bamawm Rochester Dairy Discussion Group; Member of High Growth Discussion Group. 



Giannina commenced working with Integra in July 2006 – 11 years ago. Giannina commenced in the water trading business prior to unbundling of land and water. Like Liz, Giannina also has a solid understanding of the water sources, how the systems are managed, the different water types and allocation policies.

Giannina has an excellent knowledge of the storage facilities and in the Southern Connected Basin and their allocation policies. Giannina naturally gravitates to watch the weather patterns and the rainfall inflows and how that impacts on the current allocation market prices.
Giannina is well respected in the business for her genuine desire to get achieve the best outcome for her clients in a timely manner. She builds great relationships with clients and is a very competent at facilitating trades and trade opportunities for clients.




AJ as is he better know as – is our financial controller. AJ’s role is a behind the scences positon where he monitors the trust accounts and payments in and out of the business. As you can imagine this is no small role and you will occassionaly get him answering the phones when the trading team are under the pump.

AJ has a Bachelor of Business (Hotel Catering & Management), is President of Tatura Men’s Shed and is a mad keen Port Adeliade supporter.




Simone commenced at Integra in 2015. Simone came from a successful dairy farming background into the office environment which has been a challenging change.

Simone holds the role of Administration Team Leader and she is in control of managing the Management System which is largely the Allocation Trading system in the office. For all transactional matters, Simone is the expert in the office and is very competent and qualified to address your enquiries.

Located in Tatura, Integra prides itself of being community focused and encouraging economic growth of the region. Integra supports many sporting clubs, social events and charity fundraisers within the region. We are always interested to hear how we can help assist you, so please do not be afraid to approach us.