Allocation Bank Account – ABA

Allocation is held in what we call an ABA – which stands for Allocation Bank Account. ABA account keeps track of allocations available and any water that you use or trade. ABA’s are created with specific Delivery Source and Delivery Use attributes. As there are trading rules between the various systems and states, the Water Register looks at the ABA attributes prior to approving the trade.

Traditionally only water share owners could have an ABA account. As of 1st July 2014, as part of the Murray Darling Basin Plan, the rules changed and now anyone can apply for an ABA account. For example, a farmer operating in the Goulburn system can apply for an ABA in the Murray (Victorian) system without having to own Murray Water Shares on a permanent basis (and vice versa).

ABA account holders can order an ABA statement from the Water Authority. An ABA statement summarizes the transactions on the account, including an water carried over from previous season.

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