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Calival Dairy Farmers in Running for Coles Award

A positive dairy story in the Weekly Times this week….. and we are very proud as Dehne and Sarah are good clients of Integra’s. They’re down to the top three in the Coles 2017 Dairy Farmer of the Year awards. Dehne, Sarah and Dehne’s Dad Ron have identified what the major risk is for their farming venture – Water.  The changes to the water industry over the past decade have been fast and complex.  Whilst it can be easy to push aside getting to better understand the new world water operates in, the Vinnicombe’s have taken the time to form a successful water strategy plan.

At Integra, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of better understanding your water assets.  Our philosophy at Integra is to educate our clients along the way so when a  trade decision is to be made, the customer has the ability to act quickly – all the groundwork has been done.  Dehne is a great talker and he has spent the time talking with not only us here at Integra, but also with Ron and Sarah so that they are all on the same page. Selling one asset to buy another asset is challenging, but Vinnicombe’s story is a great example of how you can secure your water requirements and increase your personal wealth at the same time.

Regardless of whether Coles recognizes the Vinnicombe’s as winners, their family is the real winners as they are doing what they love best and are sucessful. Go Team Vinnicombe!!!


Vic Water Register Makes Comment on Goulburn to Murray Trade Limit

Managing Tagged Accounts Going Forward

The Victorian Water Register yesterday released an article on the Opportunities to trade from the Goulburn to the Murray system, including the use of tagged accounts.  This article confirms what we published prior to Christmas about the trade limit and it also discuss the use of Tagged Accounts and trading rules under action 9.6 of Water For Victoria policy.

Tagged accounts are being utilized this season to access the cheaper Goulburn Water for use in the Murray system. As the article mentions, these tagged accounts are under review and may only be a short term fix.   If  you want to know more about Tagged water accounts, give us a call and we can better explain how the process works and if necessary, we can set you up with the correct ABA.

Here is the  link.  Happy reading.

Water Markets Report November 2017

Customers crave reliable water market information as they have a strong desire to stay in touch with what is driving the markets, who are the market participants and what is the price being paid for allocation and water shares.  The recently released Water Markets report from Marsden Jacobs is a step in the right direction.  From Integra’s perspective,  we value  this type of  report as it builds confidence throughout the industry verifying  what we as a Brokers are see occurring in the market place.  Grab yourself a cool drink and a spot in the shade and have a read of the second water market report for the 2017 -18 year.  Click here

Update on Goulburn IVT Account

The Goulburn system’s inter-valley trade (IVT) account currently account owes about 274 GL to the Murray system.

Goulburn, Campaspe and Loddon systems cannot trade to the Victorian Murray system, New South Wales and South Australia if the volume traded out but not yet delivered to the Murray exceeds 200GL. The Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) is the authority in charge of calling on the Goulburn system to deliver water to Murray customers.   When the MDBA starts to call on delivering the water from the IVT account, the 74,000 megalitres must be repaid first to take  the IVT limit under 200GL before trades can be permitted.

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