Personal & Friendly Consulting

The importance of water to your business is as important to us as it is to you. At Integra we understand the importance of timely and reliable water transactions to best service your farming business. The many facets of the water industry can be daunting, confusing and expensive. Integra stands to be a guiding light through the water industry offering high quality personal advice.

Liz’s involvement in the water trading industry for over 14 years positions her to be able to give detailed and accurate advice as to the structures and rules governing water trade. Integra’s extensive network of contacts at all levels of government and private consulting ensures that we will seek out a solution to your problems to find a well-rounded end result. Integra’s experience allows us to understand and foresee the market trends to best advise our clients.


The modernization of the irrigation system has been beneficial to the industry. As water holders become more confident with the changes, they are keen to look at some of the new products that are being introduced to the market. Often when the solution seems unattainable, Integra Water Services can offer the support and expertise to assist. We care about the success of all our clients, and are willing and ready to offer the services to assist you with your water needs. At Integra we tailor deals to suit your requirements.

We pride ourselves on being a personal and friendly company to deal with. Liz & Giannina are both recognized full members of Australia Water Brokers Association and train the rest of our team to be able to provide the best advice to you. For a detailed and personalized assessment about your current or future water needs, please contact us today.


Our business continues to grow on the back of referrals from many satisfied clients. Whether your are Selling, Buying engaging us to work on a specific water matter, you can be asured of carefully considered professional advice based on a thorough working knowledge or market conditions and proven negotiation skills.