Spillable Water Accounts, Subdivision of Water Shares & Carryover

Spillable Water Accounts

If you carry water over from one irrigation season to another, you risk the Dam ‘spilling’ and losing your water entitilements. There is no guarantee as to access of water over your 100% allocation but the water is recorded in your ABA as ‘spillable water’. You cannot use or trade your spillable water until the Resource Manager makes a low risk of spill declaration.

Subdivision of Water Shares

Water delivery shares are associated with property titles, in the subdivision of land the allocation of the delivery share needs to be considered. This can involve subdividing the delivery share into unit shares. Conditions on your water use licences are different for specific areas of land and this can effect your water use and irrigation processes.


As a water share owner, you hold space within the Dam which allows you to hold water from the unused allocation from one irrigation season to another. This will carryover in your ABA from one season to the next. There are rules associated with carryover to ensure that you do not use space within the Dam locking up space for other incoming water for allocation in the new season.

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