Trading Rules, Forward Markets & Ordering Water

Trading Rules

Trading rules exist and are amended by the Minister for Water to ensure that trade is encouraged with no negative impacts to other users within the system or the environment. The basis of the trading rules are whether a water entitlement in one catchment or system can be delivered to another system, and act to assist the Water Authorities in ensuring this occurs.

Forward Markets

Forward water is the ability to purchase water allocation water (temporary) in future irrigation seasons at an agreed price and an agreed time frame. This allows for planning of budgets and cropping with assurance as to water price and delivery. The buyer risks paying a premium price for water but considering the volatility of the market, can be a comforting plan for your business.

Ordering Water

Each Water Authority has a Watering System that allows you to either log in or call up to order Water. Modernised systems require 48 hours for water delivery whilst modern systems only require 24 hours. These systems allow for you to monitor your ABA Account and better manage your water requirements with the Water Authority.

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